Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Anti-Semitic vandalism in Israel 

Acre yeshiva vandalized with anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic graffiti
By Jack Khoury
Wed., December 06, 2006 Kislev 15, 5767

Acts of serious vandalism were discovered on Saturday at an ultra-Orthodox school in the northern coastal city of Acre, police sources said yesterday.

Chief Superintendent Moshe Cohen said that offensive graffiti was written in the school, including praise for Hamas and Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah, as well as swastikas, and that the crime was most likely perpetrated on Friday night.

According to the Acre police station chief, there is no guard at the school and the perpetrators had no difficulty entering the school grounds, where they destroyed property, including equipment in the computer room.

Police sources noted that the modus operandi is similar to a case of vandalism that took place in the city about a month ago, and investigators suspect that the same persons were involved in the two incidents.

Acre's chief rabbi, Yosef Yashar, came to the school and expressed his outrage at the incident, demanding that the police solve the crime and arrest those responsible.

Rabbi Yashar said that this incident is much worse than one that took place in the Wolfson neighborhood about six weeks ago, a confrontation between students of a local yeshiva student and Arabs residents of the Arab neighborhood.

He called on the leaders of the Arab community in the city to denounce the incident and embark on an educational campaign among Arab youth in order to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The police said that at this stage they have not carried out any arrests and their efforts are focused on intelligence gathering.
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